Walabax Construction Services, Inc was incorporated in 1994. The
Company's primary focus is to bid for and construct Municipal and Industrial
environmental projects such as water and wastewater treatment facilities
as a general contractor. Although the company's formation was relatively
recent, its principals have over 30 years experience in the engineering and
construction industry, specifically water and wastewater treatment
projects. The owners of Walabax, Kevin E. Smith P.E. and James C. Howard
both hold degrees in civil engineering from Villanova University and Purdue
University respectively. They have extensive experience in project
management of large design/construct projects for global organizations
across the USA and worldwide including assignments in Europe, Australia,
and the Middle East. Immediately prior to the formation of Walabax, Kevin
Smith was with Reiter Construction Company in Ivyland, Pennsylvania as
Executive Vice President of Operations. Under Owner and President Lou
Sayland, Reiter was an industry leader in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey
area for over 50 years successfully constructing a large number and a
variety of treatment plant projects and pumping stations. In 1993, Reiter's
Owner and President, Lou Sayland decided to retire from this family owned
business. Subsequently, with Lou's encouragement and best wishes, in 1994
Mr. Smith and Mr. Howard decided to form a smaller more focused
construction entity that could address the specific needs and requirements
of the environmental construction industry and their facilities.
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