2930 Clymer Avenue Telford, PA 18969 - Phone: 215-721-6446 - Fax: 215-721-6959

Walabax corporate offices are located in Telford, PA with 3,000 square
feet of warehouse space and two acre yard for outside equipment
storage. Walabax has excellent top level construction management
expertise and very experienced field supervisory personnel. Due to the
Company's strong management and financial position, Walabax is also fully
bonded by ITT Hartford, a selective and top-rated surety company.

Our single job focused approach has been very successful verses the
traditional large contractor approach, especially on complex projects with
tight schedules and budgets. Our attention to detail provides the owner
with pinpoint accuracy on schedule and budget matters at all times. This
approach also allows for significant input from the owner if he wishes,
even after construction has begun. This flexibility is a significant benefit
to the Owner and is not agreeable to most contractors

We encourage our prospective clients to contact the parties listed on our
work experience list. You might like to ask them how their experience
working with Walabax differed from previous construction projects they
have undertaken with older, or bigger, or more conventional typical
contractors in the municipal treatment industry.